The Law of Absolutes are the metaphoric rules behind each and every shard of cosmic truth, which become clear once transformed into an Absolute Artifact. It is a rule that, once implemented, can never be broken or changed by any known power or method. However, these rules can still be 'fooled', especially since the wording behind the Absolutes sometimes contain loopholes.

These Absolute Laws are usually unique to their Absolute Artifacts, who are said to only exist once in every universe. However, they can be brought into other worlds if taken. It is unknown where these Absolute Laws come from, as they carry over to all planes of existence.


As of the Absolute Wars it was discovered that they can be recreated with the use of Perlasven. This method also allows them to exist in things other than Physical Items, though they must have existed in an Absolute Artifact beforehand. Perlasven only 'copies' the Law and applies it to whatever concept, being or item it inhabits.

Examples of Absolute LawsEdit

As there are an endless number of Absolutes in various universes and alternate realities, only the most relevant Absolute Laws (and their corresponding Absolute Artifacts) are written here.

Sword of IwakuEdit

"The sword can cut and therefore kill anything the user perceives within the realm of Iwaku, provided it is not the Sheathe of Iwaku."

The wording here is pretty clear, but the 'perceive' part is where the loophole lies. This heavily depends on the user - if he/she knows and understands the existence of the intended target. For example, if he is only aware of the outer hull of a spacecraft and not what is within, he will only cut the spaceship's armor, and not its contents. This is actually a safeguard so that the sword does not end up cutting something unintended.

This Absolute Law was created from the Cosmic Truth Shard of Iwaku. Apparently, the forging of the Sword of Iwaku allowed them to make some changes to the original rule before it was implemented. This original rule prior to its refinement is unknown.


"Power is given according to the value of the sacrifice."

'Power' here pertains to heat or kinetic power of an unknown potency multiplied by 'Value'. 'Value' here is a very abstract term, but the doctrines of the Bread cult measure it in terms of violence and the emotional attachment of its practitioner.

It is theoretically capable of generating infinite energy, but only if one continues to destroy and sacrifice the lives of people he values (whether they be loved ones or hated enemies) Paorou-sama says this is possible in Absolute Wars or if the entire world practices the teachings of the Bread Cult, hence the events of Dark Reign.

This Absolute Law was recreated by the use of Perlasven. Its source Absolute Artifact is unknown, but Paorou-sama claims it was a popular one that crossed many universes.

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