Iwaku Forest, sometimes known as Anirune Forest, was a place created by the heart's desire. Tyler Crane, an old hero of the Admin War, used the last energy of his dying homeworld to plant a seed, and from there a forest grew that sheltered and sustained the refugees of the Admin War. It was from the safety of Anirune Forest that the building of Iwaku City was planned and carried out.
Nowadays, the Forest continues to grow, becoming dense and maze-like with each passing year. There are whole swathes of jungle, swamps and rainforest - a bounty of nature. Some places of legend have been long-buried beneath Anirune, including the crash-sites of the Three Ships, the grave of Razilin, the Lake of Woodrat where King Gabriel was last seen, and Jack's meadow retreat.
The forest is an uncharted and magical place, home to creatures beyond imagining and secrets both wondrous and terrifying.

The elder invation was started in the overgrown ruins of a scystraper belonging to Asmodius' Corporation by the carless tampering with of one of the ancient spiders by an Ork crewman of the barship and when they first rose the elders burned large swathes of the forest and the reistance put up by reinforcements from the barship created a graveyard of tanks and the remains from both sides though the resilient vegitation of Arune is even now showing sighns of regrowing.

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