One of the main characters of Choudai Henshin! Sekai no HERO Iwaku. Brother of Chiba Taro and alter ego of Crimson Rider Breaker

Description Edit

Chiba Tomohisa is a young man who is 20 years old. He has slicked back wavy hair, with some stray curly bangs. He always wears an old, red racing jacket and beaten blue jeans. The shirt he wears inside varies but is almost always colored red as well. He has only finished vocational training, but is well known in his town as a good motorcycle mechanic.

Personality Edit

Tomohisa, just like his Reality Breaker Trinket, is brimming with energy and enthusiasm. Boisterous and Outgoing, Tomohisa is someone who is easily angered, but easily forgives as well. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, and is stubborn about his views. This usually makes him look like a jerk - despite his noble intentions.

He loves the color red, looks up to other tokusatsu heroes, and enjoys motorcycling. He has a habit of telling 'stories' and parables to make his point - even if these stories make no sense or if he gets the parables all wrong. Tomohisa works as a mechanic on call, and a part time cashier for a book store.

Story Edit

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