Iwaku Mythos Character




Soul Arts

Cyclic Manifestation





5 Feet 7 inches


160 Lbs




Order of Luna Ashe


Order of Luna Ashe



Normal Equipment: Handy little laser pistols, dynamite, tiny explosives, or a small knife or short sword, depending on occasion and what can be carried.

Special Equipment: The AFTA Space Station runs on the SPACEK technology. It's almost like living magic, taking care of itself. No other special or magical equipment. (Obviously cannot carry a Space Station with her.)

General Abilities: A way of words. Being charming, impressionable, easy to speak with. Knowing of people.

Special Abilities: There is the theory that Diana has the gift of "Creation & Rebirth". Making new life and land from nothing or from the ashes of the fallen. She managed to create her own realm once upon a time, and gave Iwaku a piece of it. It's still under debate how that was accomplished.

Her more notable gift is "CHARM". An interesting piece of Soulart; she draws people to her. Makes them feel comfortable and safe. It makes you want to like her. Want to listen to her words and follow her orders. It's very hard to resist.

Weaknesses: Diana is 100% physically human. She bleeds, hurts, breaks, gets sick, dies like any normal human. In a world where the inhabitants are often super beings, this is a huge disadvantage. Mentally speaking, she is prone to severe stress and has to "detach" from people for periods of time when it becomes overwhelming. Though she spends a lot of time dealing with masses of people, if she can't get away and have time alone, she can snap and have a crazy-person style mental breakdown. Once she hits that breaking point, ...stuff gets broken. Including things she did not want to hurt or break. Some will say her desire with not wanting to repeat past mistakes can also be a weakness. It has become an obsession. Has ZERO close/physical combat fighting skills.

Origin: (ABRIDGED) There is rumor that Diana once knew Gabriel himself. Whether or not that is truth or legend, no one remembers any more. What IS known is her agreement with Rory. Iwaku needed a place to live and grow after the Admin War. Moonwings was long gone and Diana begun work on the AFTA Space Station. She happily offered up her realm to Iwaku, not wanting to see it destroyed like Moonwings had been.

While Iwaku went through it's 18 years of renewal, AFTA was struggling to survive. AFTA lacked that spark to keep it going. It is barely inhabited anymore. All that remains is it's skeleton crew and a few lone survivors.

Come to present date, somehow Diana was alerted to Iwaku's present troubles. She can not allow Iwaku to fall. It will be saved and rebuilt by any means necessary.

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