Greed of Asmodeus, (Alternate working title Paorou's Ambition, or better known as Asmo's Greed) is a combat oriented roleplaying system set in the Iwaku Admin War. It is best described as a 'narrative strategy game' - using a mixture of rules from Wushu (for characters) and normal numbers grinding for normal units. The game system is created by Paorou and he originally posted the rules here. Alternatively, there is a wiki page for the rules called AG Rules.

As of now, it is in the development and testing stage, since the full version of the game involves large scale maps and the usage and management of large armies and logistics. However, the rules for combat resolution have been fixed (and arguably considered as 'final') They can be used for simple battles between units and heroes - and it is relatively simple to stat any character into the system's mechanics.

This is probably why it is popular among the Iwakuan populace and played casually.

Terms used in Gameplay Edit

  • Traits refer to items, skills, or the properties of a character or unit. It usually has a corresponding use. (Attack, Defense, Support, etc.) The higher the rank of the trait, the more effective it is. A rank 6 (the maximum) means that the trait is incredibly effective, literally the best any situation allows.
  • Characters refers to the heroes or the leaders, driven by fate. To represent this, they use Narrative battle rules in contrast to GFUs.
  • Generic Fighting Units are usually the nameless soldiers who make up te bulk of the armies in Asmo's Greed. They operate differently from characters, literally relying more on numbers.

Narrative Battles Edit

Heavily borrowed from the Wushu system by Dan Bayn, only heroes or units merged with heroes use narrative rules in battle. Narrative battles involve the owner of a hero character narrating his actions in battle. Depending on how detailed his narration is, the GM gives him a number of dice to roll. He then rolls this number of dice and counts how many of them fall exactly or under his chosen action's trait rank.

Roleplays using Asmo's Greed Edit

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