Widely regarded as the most sacred place in all Iwaku, the enchanted Island of History is as hard to reach as it is to fully comprehend. In the vaults beneath the old temples, the magical archives of Iwaku's long history are stored, together with powerful and terrifying artifacts.
Legend has it that there is a great labyrinth guarded by mythical creatures and magical traps, to catch the curious and avaricious. It is no wonder that Prince Rory chose this place as his stronghold during the Admin War. And his first general, Chaos, continues to guard the island to this day and ensure the noble history of Iwaku remains uncorrupted.
The Island can only be reached by airship across the treacherous Gosai Mountains, or from the little-known boat-launch of Brigadoon on the north coast. And if one were to make the crossing, they would have to contend with yet more ancient creatures that patrol the waters around the island.
In short, only the foolhardy or truly determined will make the effort to reach History Isle and face its guardians.

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