Sword of Time

Isodath is a blade that "... can cut through time and space; allowing its master to travel to worlds outside of Iwaku." This sword is a relic from another plane of existence other than Iwaku. It has had several notable angelic masters, but it is best known as Rory's Sword. This relic is only usable by beings that have transcended death and have a strong knowledge of the inner workings of the universe. It is suggested that the only other being that could successfully wield Isodath would be Kitti

History Edit

"... The Black Prince appeared out of nowhere, coming in and out of reality, as if he had control over time and space."

Legends say that Isodath was forged by Reikei and Bowiegranap during the early days of Iwaku - following the death of the legendary king Gabe Zero.However, this is questionable as it has appeared in worlds outside of the realm of Iwaku. Though this has led some to believe that those were merely sightings of Lord Rory appearing from a different time plane. It's role during the Admin War was limited to Rory using it for a means to dodge attacks from Paorou and Asmodues before the Battle of Nerf. The blade was then ultimately used to chain Capt. Nic, so that Rory and his crew could reach Paorou for the final battle of the war. It's current whereabouts are unknown.

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