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The current Iwaku main page viewed with the dark theme.

Iwaku is a roleplaying online forum which has gone several reiterations. It is currently hosted on space-kitten . Despite being a forum dedicated to roleplaying, it also has other forums and discussion rooms for video games and almost anything under the sun. It currently boasts 148 active members.

Mythos Edit

Most notably, Iwaku has a Mythos, crafted out of countless inside jokes and roleplays GMed by both staff and members. It is currently being played out in the roleplay, Iwaku World . In this case, Iwaku could pertain to the 'world' these characters exist in. Various other 'alternative worlds' exist which also call their own homeplanet 'Iwaku'.

For the sake of clarification, the world in which the mythos plays out is simply called Iwaku World. The Alternate Worlds may have their own names for their home planet or the Iwakuan counterparts as well.

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