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Iwaku is a rolepaying site that has seen several generations on admins and been hosted in several servers. Dubbed the "insane brother" to its sister sister site AFTA both hosted on space-kitten and running on vBulletin™ Version 4.1.2. Current administrators are Rory, Diana Notacat, and Jack Shade.
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The mad king of Insanity

Paorou-sama is a powerful Reality Bender known as the 'King of Insanity', having complete dominion over the Kingdom of Insanity. He is also known by other nicknames - the 'Mad King', 'Crimson Cape', 'One-eyed Madman', 'Chosen of Skhone, the Bread God' and 'Red Lord'. He also went by a different name prior to these, 'The Zealous One'. Read more>>

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