Iwakutsuki (曰月) is an Iwakuan alternate universe set in a fictional, feudal Japan which has been renamed as 'Iwaku'. It is a fantastic setting, where gods, monsters (known as youkai), demons and magic play major roles in its history. Also, while the majority of characters are Japanese (Iwakujin), foreigners (gaijin) play a major role - particularly those from the land of Kyokinokuni.


The Iwaku of Iwakutsuki closely resembles Japan - but the provinces and mountains have been renamed to fit the Iwaku Mythos.


Iwaku's history deviates heavily from the real-world Japan, beginning at the mythological level. It closely resembles the Izanagi-Izanami creation myth - except the masculine figure is a great entity known as Oomaku (大幕) who serves as an all-powerful monotheist god, and his female partner called Daiana (大坑) who later takes a role analogous to Christianity's Lucifer.

Iwaku's history is heavily influenced by this dichotomy - with Daiana creating demons and monsters to plague humanity as revenge for siding with Oomaku. Oomaku in turn influences humanity's growth, starting with the creation of the almighty Iwaku-no-Tsurugi and the Iwakukenryu-no-Makimono.

Many clans who serve as guardians and powerful entities (such as the Amano and the Gaburi) usually get their status with his divine mandate. However, such is the nature of humanity - they would come to wage war among themselves because of differing ideals and desires.

Iwakutsuki's 'main setting' is set at the beginning of one such war - known as the Kanrisha war. It comes about upon the fall of the Gaburi Shogunate. It is fought between three factions, the Amano Clan, the Rokkaku Clans, and the state of Kyokinokuni.


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