The Nephilim Strain 0 Type B (Nephilim-Bs) otherwise known as N-00-Bs (sometimes pronounced "Noobs") are a race of gigantic (average height - 30-35 meters), humanoids of crude intellect that are indigenous to the Iwakuan Sector and all its outlying/neighboring star systems. Though they are said to possess crude intelligence, they are capable of (by most intelligent life-form standards) dangerous space travel, which is only alleviated by their robust physiology. They are capable of high resistance to pressure changes (to the extent of complete vacuums), and long anaerobic periods of activity.

Thus, their primary 'vehicles' are crudely made gigantic space suits, armed with sharpened spikes, gunpowder-based projectiles, and rudimentary rocket propulsion. More powerful, ambitious Nephilim-Bs may have large space hulks to carry their troops and even larger weaponry. They also usually possess even more impressive (but still crude) battle suits, fitted with the latest technology they've come to understand.

They are sensitive to the RB Particles produced by the rare 'Perlas' crystal stones abundant in Iwaku Prime, and thus do not approach the planet unless they have an intent to wage war.

They are genetically similar to the Ancient Nephilim (Nephilim-As) that once roamed Iwaku, which leads to countless questions as to the true nature of the gigantic race.

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