Paorou Manufacturing Companies is a military and arms development business owned by the autonomous region of Insanity. Founded by the newly instated Governor Paoroo Mikhail Cabeza, it was originally created to develop mecha for the space theatre defense of the Insanity region. However, since Paoroo also held Iwaku in his best interests, this business was also made part of the Mecha Development Unity Charter .

It's primary development specialties are in RB weaponization, Space-faring/habitat technology, Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Military Computing and Operating Systems.


The Paorou Manufacturing Companies were developed by Governor Paorou shortly before assuming office - it then became a set of state-run manufactories. Contrary to belief, it was named for Lord Paorou before the governor changed his name to match the historical character.

Product LinesEdit

The Paorou Manufacturing Companies produce a wide variety of technologies and vehicles, both commercial and military.


PMC specializes in space-borne, zero-gravity Mechas, especially since they're developed for the defense of the Insanity Sector, an artificial satellite colony.

Primary Mecha development line, codenamed 'Workhorse'.

  • Thoroughbred - current/newest 'Workhorse', not yet for commercial sale
  • Mustang
  • Corsiero/Courser
  • Rouncey
  • Destrier
  • Charger
  • Draught
  • Nightmare
  • Space Stallion
  • Chariot

Mecha Development Unity charter

  • Ao

Experimental Projects in Commission (EPiC)

  • Crimson Jin
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