Perlasven, or Persona Lascivo Venatus, is a penultimate Iwaku Mythos power that involves the creation and manipulation of Completed Cycles. It is a power made from the interlocking stories of a group of Iwakuans to create a potent narrative that can be translated into various effects.

It reveals the true nature of Iwakuans as beings who manipulate and thrive on narrative. Some say that Perlasven came about after some Iwakuans became one with the Cycle at the end of The Legacy. Others believe that The Cycle may have been born out of the unconscious use of this power. They sometimes go further and explain the four powers as being mere subtypes of this power.

Method Edit

Before the Absolute Wars, Perlasven was a deeply instinctual ability used by Iwakuans, who never realized that their actions repeated themselves because of some greater power. It was normally attributed to The Cycle, and in some ways this assumption was correct.

The power of Perlasven is the ability to create and manipulate 'cycles', stories born from the efforts and actions of a group of Iwakuans. When these events come to a head and are resolved, they become 'completed cycles', which Perlasven users can then turn into Cyclic Manifestations. Cyclic Manifestations are recreated aspects of the completed cycles, which can take the form of items, similar to Absolute Artifacts, but can extend to even living things or abstract concepts.

This means that an Perlasven User's struggle during a horrific fire and surviving it can create an ability to produce a destructive fire, or perhaps allows one to survive fires of similar natures.

Perlasven of greater magnitude and scope is rarer and much more powerful, and can even recreate Absolutes that were part of its stories. The Cyclic Manifestations created with it can rival and even surpass Absolute Artifacts.

Cyclic Manifestations exist all around Iwaku, but can only be used by those who went through the stories involved in its creation. Even then, they can only call upon their 'portion' of the story. For this reason, even Perlasven practitioners may overlook the significance of such things if they aren't part of its creation.

Perlasven can be planned and executed to create the desired effects of its Cyclic Manifestations. It just has one problem: Perlasven requires emotional, mental and physical investment to complete. Thus, it cannot simply be acted out - Iwakuans have to live through the cycles to achieve the power of its completion.

Known uses of PerlasvenEdit

  • The Dark Reign is an example of an epic Perlasven ritual that is still undergoing.
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