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Porg (Jack, Gary and Norman)


Soul Arts, Reality Bending, Confluence

Cyclic Manifestation

Selective free-reign


Porg's Meadow


Self, Shapeshifters (Formerly)


Split into three

Porg is in fact a collective name for three separate entities. For a while the young Jack, an outsider from Iwaku, allowed the disembodied souls of Gary and Norman to reside within his body. As of midway through the Admin War the three were separated and Porg as a combined entity ceased to exist.

Porg appeared as a boy in his late teens but looking younger. His attire was very similar to that which may be seen in some japanese anime, though it changed slightly depending on which personality was dominant. Originally thought to be a Kingdom Hearts character, with abilities from that mythos, it later became clear that Porg's abilities did not originate from there, though did gain influences from it.

The title of Porg has now been taken as an alternate name for Jack, as there are other famous entities holding the name Jack and he has always been fond of the nickname. For more information on Porg as the singular entity Jack please see the article: Jack (Porg)

History Edit

Arrival and the Cult WarsEdit

Jack first entered Iwaku at some point near the beginning of the Cult Wars meeting Gary and Norman while still an unknown he helped the disembodied spirits by housing them, in return they lent him assistance utilizing the trio's individual fighting styles and abilities, (and Norman and Gary picking up Jack's as-yet unnamed 'Soul Arts' abilities) they became an impressively potent and adaptable warrior.

At some point during the Cult wars Porg saved the warrior Jack Shade from an Ego-Zombie attack, cemnting a lasting friendship and also opening up new opportunities. Seeing promise in the trio Shade suggested their skills to Lycan Queen of the Shapeshifter's Guild and Porg was appointed her personal bodyguard and, after a while, second in command of the guild.

Porg took part in the Venun Hill peace talks, acting to protect Lycan Queen from the others present.

The Admin War and the CycleEdit

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Alternate Equivalents Edit

Due to the triumvirate nature of the character the entity of 'Porg' has not been seen yet in any alternate Iwakus. Though Gary and Norman appear in almost all, and Jack in some of the more complete alt universes. This is due to him being 'Written out'

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Porg is a convuluted but obvious self-insert of surprise surprise! Porg!

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