The Realitas-Berdrehun Particle, otherwise known as an RB Particle is a rare particle that, due to the specificity of its creation, is only present in Iwaku Prime. It is considered by many as a 'god' particle, capable of generating countless phenomena, usually 'coaxed' by careful manipulation of its surroundings and use of various stimuli. Thus, it has countless applications over countless fields, but is most closely related to Iwakuan Mecha technologies. The primary uses of RB Particles are their use in Cyclic Drives, Particle Cannons, Computing and Avionics/Mecha/Space travel.

The name is taken from the last names of two Iwakuan scientists who finally found and documented the existence of such particles.


RB Particles exist where Perlas are tightly clustered, with much greater quantities in rare 'above ground' mines, due to the relationship it has with light (see below).

They are commonly, artificially created when a focused ray of white light is fired into a clear prism made from refined, heated Perlas Crystal-Stone, a material indigenous only to Iwaku Prime. On top of the 'standard' energy/power generated by this phenomenon (Electricity and Kinetic Vibrations while the Perlas Stone slowly diminishes, as per the first Cyclic Phase phenomenon) RB particles are rapidly generated at the 'impact' point of the light ray and the surface of the Prism.

Most second generation Cyclic Drives shifted to use of the much more abundant and flexible RB Particles (in context of the power that could be generated/used) generated by this procedure, rather than the standard power sources attributed to the Prism's reaction.

Phenomena / BehaviourEdit

The RB Particle, in its 'free state' is capable of inducing sicknesses described with symptoms similar to radiation poisoning and skin cancer. It also visibly warps/distorts light if densely gathered in one location.

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