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A practitioner of Reality Bending. Individuals who bend reality to their whims, notably by ignoring the rules of cause and effect. Due to this, they are often poised on the opposite end of Confluence Users, who even out the status quo.

Becoming Edit

One becomes a Reality Bender when he casts off 'reasoning' behind his powers. For instance, a shaman stops believing in 'nature's will' and accepts his abilities as part of who or what he is. The key phrase is 'It just is.' or 'Because I can.' - this is both a bane and a boon, as only Confluence and Absolute can counteract him now.

It is not unheard of for Reality Benders to use Confluence as part of their skills. The reason is explained in The Cycle and Authors (Iwaku).

Reality Benders usually bend only one particular aspect of reality. For instance, Rory bends time and space but does not tap into the spontaneous creation of burning beams of energy, like Paorou-sama. Reality Bending is closely linked to the Author's perception or 'take' on reality. (Manifold Perception is possibly named due to Paorou's understanding of this.)

Traditionally, only Authors (Iwaku) are able to become Reality Benders, due to the nature of their will and how it affects the cycle. However, Paorou-sama was involved in an project called Marienkind in which the goal was the creation of a non-author (NPC) Reality Bender. What happened to this project was lost to history. It is assumed the madman simply ceased funding when he first used the Sword of Iwaku in the C-box Massacre - one of the many horrific events in the Iwaku Mythos.

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