I'm Sakura. IM NOT A MOEBLOB. I'm just a teensy bit short, have chubby cheeks and a squeaky voice. And I tend to act like a five year old on a sugar high, not all the time of course XD


Razilin aka Batman is my Razzumatazzuniichan <3 He likes to call me itty bitty, which I TRY to explain to him that I'm not anymore. I wish Oniichan would find time for Iwaku again. He was so cool ;_;

& Wendu aka ThatOneGeek is my Oneechan <3 She popped up a month or so ago and we had a blast driving Iwaku insane. I kinda miss her ;_;

& Pirogeth is my Oniichan ~ He's my boss for the Iwaku Newsletter & I love the cool roleplays he makes! :)

&& Rory is my Oniichan now, too. He used to be my NausicaaTheValleyofTheWindMovie-Oniichan, but now he's Rorehniichan <3 I lub joo <3

On Facebook, PAOCHAMA says IM HIS COUSIN <.< According to a quiz, we're both "overwhelming" XD

I wish I could write this in pink. See, white is my favourite color. And then pink. Not hot pink or light pink, but soft pink & pastel greens and blues <3

Iwaku is fun. I'm always bouncing around poking my nose in everything. Mostly I hang around the fantasy or sci fi roleplays or bug Danana-chann about stuff that isn't being done or needs to be done. Sometimes I drive Asmupuu nuts. You should try it, it's tons of fun!

People tend to notice that I have nicknames for everyone, which is true. X3 I like to give cute names to people because they sound cute when I say them. XD Sometimes I don't remember the nicknames so I just make them up on the spot. XD I DIDN'T TELL YOU THAT -_-

Yup Yup. Writing in bold is fun. It makes things go POP! READ ME READ ME XD Mhmm... Well, I kind of like looking around in Paorou's Kingdom of Insanity,

Sakura is also Co-writer of the Iwaku Newsletter

even though it really gets confusing sometimes. Half the time, I don't understand what anyone's saying, but that's the point, I think =] Anyways, I also work as co-writer on the IWAKU NEWSLETTER and as soon as I convince my Daddeh why I need to borrow his Skype I want to help out in the IWAKU SHOW, too =]

And how come PaoChama has a contents section ? I want one ! I'll make up all sorts of stuff XD <3

For now, until I figure out how to use Wikia, I shall conclude with Asmupuu's smily:


(Miru was here to say this page somehow makes me cheery. @_@)

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