Vence Bentus otherwise known as Soldato is a current denizen of Iwaku World and a former member of Planet Relic before he was transported via a dimension rift to Iwaku. He is a former scientist of the Relic Defense Force before joining it himself. He also became a member of the elite Board Warriors and participated in all three Relic Wars. Soldato specializes in close range combat using his custom power armor, The Blacklance MKVI and the Landsetter MKII Beamblade.

Appearance and Personality

Soldato is one of the few pure humans that come from Planet Relic, most either taking on cybernetic or cosmetic enhancements or becoming an Adeptus Astartes. He is of average height at 5'11(1.8m) and is a bit slender weighting only 145 lbs (65.7kg). His build is athletic leading to a lean upper body and powerful lower body which respects his fighting style. His skin is white with a slight tan. His hair is short and dark brown as well as his bushy eyebrows which share a similar slightly lighter color. His eyes are also dark brown to the state of being nearly black and have a piercing gaze. His face is average and a bit rounded with normal sized lips and ears and a tight single chin. Soldato's expressions can range like any other humans but his normal facial expression is that of being half asleep though he is always awake while in this expression.

Soldato wears very futuristic clothing that he still carries with him from Relic. Soldato wears a sleeveless armored bodyglove that is inlaid with a type of enhancement known as Relay Circuitry. This allows for his power armor to connect directly to the clothing and further enhances his movement. Over his lower body he wears a set of brown cargo shorts made of denim or some equivalent fabric that also have a series of non visible Relay circuits inside of them. Across his upper body he wears an armored jacket that is tight fitting but flexible similar to his body glove. The color of his body glove and jacket are black with plates at certain area's that are gray while they are both inlaid with the glowing Relay Circuitry that glow a deep green and blue. Finally across his back Soldato has the Landsetter's sheathe which shares similar circuitry to his clothing but no relay links inside of them. The sheathe is 5 feet long including handle and made of a black unknown metallic substance that can contain the swords blade. The circuitry only glows while the blade is sheathed leading Soldato to believe that the energy from the blade itself powers the containment field.

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